Why Your Elderly Relatives and Clients Should Always Have a Non- Expired Identification Card

As people age, they may stop driving and let their driver’s license expire. However, it’s important to keep a current identification card in case they need to use a Notary Public for important documents such as a Certification of Trust, Last Will and Testament, Advanced Healthcare Directive, or Power of Attorney.  Not having a current ID available can create a situation where a document cannot be notarized at that time.

To have a document notarized in California, you need to show a current, or issued in the past 5 years, ID card with a photograph, description, signature, and an identifying number.   The most common forms of ID are a California driver’s license or nondriver’s ID (such as a Senior Citizen ID), or a U.S. passport.  Next time you are with an elderly parent, grandparent, relative, or client ask them to check their ID to see the expiration date.  Knowing when the expiration date is allows time to research what will be required to renew the identification or if needed apply for a new one.

By keeping a currnet identification card on hand, your elderly relatives and clients can ensure that they are prepared for any situation that requires a Notary Public.

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